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Getting Involved
Pineapple Park N.A.
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Not everyone wants to or can get involved in the same way. Here are several options. Please get involved and help in any way you can.

Volunteer Your Time

Our best & only fund raising event, due to proving to be the most lucrative & fun, is Clematis by Night. Enjoy meeting and having a great time with other Pineapple Park friends & neighbors while greeting and serving many WPB residents & visitors.This is where we raise our all and only money for general improvements of the neighborhood.

The next Clematis fund raiser date will be Thursday, March 26. We need 25 or more volunteers to make this successful. Go to the "Contact Us" page or call any board member to volunteer.

Register for an Upcoming Event

Check the "Recent and Upcoming Events" page often to keep abreast of upcoming events. We always need volunteers and people for comittees.

Help keep Pineapple Park Clean and Nice

Help keep Traffic Calmer planters clean by pulling weeds and trash from them when you can.

Pay dues and/or make a Donation

This goes towards the neighborhood and enables voting privileges. Annual membership dues are $15 for voting members, and $5 for associate members as explained in our by-laws. Additional contributions can be in any amount and all are tax deductable since PPNA is a "Not for Profit" organization. Go to "Contact Us" about paying dues.

Consider serving on the Board of Directors or helping out as block captians.

Nominate yourself or someone else willing and able to give their time in support of the organization. The Board meets monthly to work out the nuts and bolts of the association, brainstorm ideas for improvements and vote on issues. Board members are also asked to chair various comittees.