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PPNA Board and Contacts
Pineapple Park N.A.
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Communication is important for sharing ideas and concerns. These are the contacts that represent Pineapple Park this year.

PPNA Board Members

Chris Barry,President, 818-3127
Dick Wade, Vice President, 833-9279
Ed G. Williams, Secretary, 310-0093
Don Weeks, Treasurer, 601-6061
Rudy Gurrola, Director, 653-8181
Jim Norquest, Director, 655-6745
Willie Bonfante, Director, 541-8213
Roxanne Cicchino, Director, 835-4171 
We have more open spots that need filled

PPNA block captains

We need block captains for Dock, York & Market St. Welcome to the new captains on Charles and Parker. You don't have to live on the street though it is preferred.

Ed G. Williams, Ardmore Rd., 310-0093
Anthony Watkins, Upland Rd., 719-8627
Don Weeks, Sunset Rd., 601-6061
Willie Bonfante, Avon Rd., 541-8213
Dave Botz, Delphia St., 833-3059
Vacant, Dock St.,
Joe Piazza, Parker Ave.,
Chris Barry, Charles St.,
Vacant, York & Market St.

Please help fill vacancies above