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Stub Canal crossing closure
Pineapple Park N.A.
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Pineapple Park, the Stub Canal Crossing and “new” Closing (Now perminent as of August 2008)

It has been several months since the City Commission approved the closure to be permanent. I have received many, many appreciative comments and very few complaints. Those complaints are understandable from those that were used to the cut through and didn’t care about the traffic.

This was all  studied before by the City and it was found to be very little difference in time and a huge overall benefit to the neighborhood. Some just have a hard time dealing with change.

Thousands less vehicles are on our streets “daily” and trucks are nearly non existent, except for the A/C company trucks to and from their S.W. corner location of our neighborhood. “Crime” is way down as well. “WOW”, what a difference in quality of life!

We are sorry not all neighbors did not benefit like most but we greatly appreciate their support and consideration. I personally have found it to be a vary minor inconvenience that is greatly outweighed by the overall improvement and again, quality of life.


Temporary Closure