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Buyer Services

Buyer's Broker / Buyer Representation

As part of a mutual agreement, you can elect to create a Buyer agency relationship between us that will entitle you to many client level services that include:

Undivided Loyalty (The Buyer's agent must always act in your best interest)

Obedience (The Buyer's agent must obey your lawful instructions)

Full Disclosure (The Buyer's agent must investigate and reveal facts to you such as):

Seller's motivations
Existence of other Offers
Seller's financial condition
Property true worth/value
Legal effect of contract provisions
Agency relationship between the other agent and Seller

Reasonable Skill and Care

Analyze market data to determine property value
Arrive at a reasonable purchase price and advise you
Discover and affirm material facts and disclose to you
Investigate any material facts to determine their impact on the property's value
Develop a negotiating strategy to assist in purchasing at the best price possible


Prohibits the Buyer's agent from disclosing any facts or information that was given to or acquired by the agent to any other party. Information gained must be kept confidential "forever" unless the Client releases the Agent


The Buyer's agent will recommend where any earnest money deposit should be placed and advise accordingly

As a Buyer's Agent, I will represent "you and only you" and your best interest in the purchase of a home. This is radically different from any other type of agency where the Buyer is not technically represented by an agent.

As a Buyer's Agent, I will carry out the above assigned duties to the best of my abilities using my many years of experience and fine-tuned negotiating skills. I will disclose all known material facts to you which materially and adversely affect the consideration to be paid for a property.

Agency is a legal relationship and a written agreement should be completed to explain all the duties, services and

Don't kill yourself calling each individual agent of properties listed, let Ed G. Williams do the work for you at "No charge".

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