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In fond memory of Will "Bill" Dix
Pineapple Park N.A.

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Will Allie "Bill" Dix JR.

Friends and Neighbors in Pineapple Park, lost a great friend and neighbor this past Friday, May 11, 2002. Mr. Dix passed away peacefully in his sleep. Bill Dix and his wife of nearly 50 years, Joyce Dix, lived in our neighborhood long before most and have supported our young neighborhood association from the beginning. Mr. and Mrs. Dix could almost always be found sitting up front at the general meetings and Bill was a volunteer block captain for their street, Avon Road.

We are all grateful to have known Mr. Dix along with the friendship and wisdom Bill and Joyce have given to our neighborhood. It will never be the same not seeing the familiar, friendly wave from Mr. Dix, strolling the area during his morning walks. Our deepest sympathy and condolences to Mrs. Dix and the family.

God Bless,

Many friends and neighbors of Pineapple Park

This is far too common
House on York Street